Thanks to Andrew Graham at Australian Wine Review

It’s time to get serious. Serious, about Barossa Shiraz.

Typically we don’t drink much Barossa Shiraz in this house, purely because fighting through some of the oak and alcohol excesses isn’t much fun. I’d prefer to drink Grenache TBH and you can probably see that reading a few of my reviews.

But when it’s right? I’m totally here for the Shiraz hedonism. There’s just nothing like the mouthfilling glory of a deliciously rich Barossan red. Just like this Tim Smith Reserve Shiraz 2018.

Here, this Instagram post from Saturday says it all.

Normally, Barossa Shiraz isn’t the droid I’m looking for. But this @timsmithbarossa Shiraz has a generosity to it that feels so right. It’s like seeing someone after 2 months of lockdown and picking up exactly where you left off. Or that feeling when you come back from Europe and suddenly you can drive on the right (left) side of the road again. My only quibble really is a little late warmth. Oh and it’s not cheap at $125/bottle. But you can buy 6 of these for a single bottle of current vintage Grange. I know what I’d be drinking…

For mine, this is what that drinkers expect in a premium Barossa Shiraz. There’s a sense that when you shell out over $100 it has to feel premium. And the seamlessness, the generosity and the integration of flavour here feels, as a sensory experience, what proper premium reds are all about. That may seem like a given, but I’ve tasted plenty of wines with $100+ pricetags that don’t deliver the same enjoyment and intensity.

Best drinking: now to ten plus years. But ready now. 18.7/20, 95/100. 14.5%, $125. Would I buy it? I’m not likely to drop $125 on Barossa Shiraz all things given. But I still enjoyed drinking it.