Thanks to Steve Leszczynski at QWine for this review…

The more I sample Tim Smith’s Mataros, the more he is becoming the Barossa Mataro boss – in my mind at least. This release is sublime. Exquisite. Would you find better I ask?

Blue fruits and blackberries sing early. It’s so fruit-driven – this is something! I remember talking to Smith in mid-2021. He was bouncing on the balls of his feet when discussing the Barossa 2021. A quote that has never slipped my mind is, “Believe the hype.”

He’s right too. There is a delicacy and juicy factor here. Medium to full-bodied, it’s precise and laser-focused yet it exudes so much pleasure and class. Some earthiness, wallet leather and dried herb come with the territory, but there is a prettiness here too. It’s attractive and lively – think dried petals with a mandarin or orange peel touch. But before rounding off, this does one better. This bumps up. It’s vibey and energetic to close. Many Mataro wines close out with a comforting ho-hum follow through. Not here. This release wants to go another round. Gimme another shot. Sure thing – I’ll keep sipping. That tasting turned into a drinking all too easily. What more can I say – the best Mataro I’ve had to date would do it.

Drink to 10 years+